February 2005


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Ye Gods, what a joke

A terrible thing happened last Thursday. A young man applied for a job with us and arrived at our store for an interview. And then we all smiled at him and wasted the next two hours of his time.

I hate the fact that this happened the way it did. We should have all honestly looked him in the face and said “if you can’t be bothered enough to shave, shower and put on a nice, clean shirt for an interview, then we don’t want you working for us” and sent him on his merry way.

Instead, we actually interviewed him. And he didn’t do that bad, really. We weren’t looking for an experienced tech, so that wasn’t a real issue – he has some basic skills and knows how to delete spyware, which is really our bread and butter. But for him, the position he was applying for involves alot of face-time with our customers, and his appearance simply was not going to cut it.

In other work news, the new shop is >-< this close to being actually open for business. I have a couple of test stations ready to go, and LOTS of bench space to expand upon as we go. Our credit card reader is in place, and I've even got some sodas in the 'fridge waiting for me. Now I just need the ok to actually go there and work. Yeah, there's more to be done before it's really finished....There's a couple outlets I need to get the contractors back in to repair (wire faults and one dead outlet) and I still need to move my data recovery machine in, but it's all stuff I can work around in the meantime. Besides, it's not like a Techie's shop is ever really a static environment, ya know? ----------------------------------------------------------- The Little Black Beastie seems to be doing just fine now. I replaced the air cleaner and the valve cover gasket last weekend (no more oil leaks!) and it has been running smooth both hot and cold since last Monday morning. With the exception of Thursday, that is. I went up to Vancouver to pick up a laptop for repair, and all was well on the way up, but as soon as I got back in the car to leave it started missing a cylender. Looking under the car, I could see the problem: a spark-plug wire had jumped off the coil, and I could see the damn thing arcing to the engine. WTF!?! Three points go to the boys over at the Les Schwab outlet across the street - they put the car up on a lift and put things back together for me at no charge. It's a shame I can't afford their prices for tires, I'd go back and buy from them next time to repay the courtesy. ----------------------------------------------------------- On the personal front, last Monday I went out to dinner with my most-recent ex girlfriend to try and smooth things out between us. My roomate is still a very close friend of hers, and the only truly convenient place for them to just hang out is our house, but with the tension and general wierdness between her and I, it was making things difficult. Things went pretty well. We were able to just sit there and chitchat for the first half-hour or so, and managed to delve into the deeper subjects without seriously pissing each other off or causing additional hurt. We isolated a few more instances of us simply not understanding what the other was aiming at, and concluded the whole thing on a friendlier note. On a frighteningly friendly note at one point - I gave her a ride home since she is carless now, and when she got out and said goodbye, I had a minor flashback to other, happier times. Not a painful flashback, but one that brought a good memory for me to reflect upon. It's nice to be able to remember the good times. We passed the first test as well, when she came over last Thursday to watch CSI with the roomie. they watched from his room, but we still passed each other on entrance and exit and held friendly chitchat without problems. Good. I hate to be a cause for friction between my friends. Damn - Thursday was a bit eventful, wasn't it?

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