January 2005


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Content? We don’t need no steeenking content!

Posted in Life on January 24th, 2005

Wow – basically a week since I’ve posted anything. I guess I’ve been busier than I thought.

Most of this has been due to work – amazing how having a full-time job cuts into my internet time. Hell, I’ve barely had time for lunch, most days. The rest of my free time is being divided up between kids and my lady. Things are going well on both fronts.

The Ratboy surprised me the other night with his first plans for moving out of the house; he hopes to implement them by this summer, when he will only be 17. I laid some conditions down that he must accomplish before I will give this serious consideration. Worst case scenario, he gets his grades straight. I love it when he hands me the means by which to chain him to his studies :)

The Pookster’s next school has pretty much been chosen as well. The EMC is a pitbull when it comes to planning our daughter’s future, so my part of this decision was largely to say “sounds good to me,” which it did. Having gone to magnet (magnate?) type schools herself, the EMC knows all the ins-n-outs of getting the best choices, so she is emminently qualified for the task.

The Little Black Beastie has once again validated my wish to return to a good, old-fashioned musclecar. She is in need of replacement ignition coils, which are far easier to purchase than they are to install. I don’t know how things are now, but in the late `80’s, Chevy didn’t know how to put a medium-sixed engine into a small space and still make it accessible for repair. The Book says it’s a 1.5 hour job, but I beat my head against the wall for two hours before calling it quits. There’s just too much junk in the way, and it really needs to be on a lift instead of jack stands. So, until I can scrape up some extra dough, I’ll just need to be cautious in how I drive it.

Unless, of course, anyone knows a mechanic with computer problems – I’d be happy to trade labor rates :)