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Posted in Life on January 7th, 2005

Wow, what a busy week.

It’s been different, this going back to work idea. I find I suddenly don’t have time during the day to take care of the little things, like trips to the bank or maybe some poking around under the hood of the car to figure out why it doesn’t start on the first try every so often. A small price to pay, I think, for the security of having a job.

We have been really busy, and I’ve consistently had three computers at a time on the bench in various stages of repair. Today I maxed out at 5, but it doesn’t really count since three were waiting for something else to happen. Today’s woes?

-Failed hard drive
-Failed IDE controller
-Lost IDE controller (I hate Dells)
-Data recovery
-Crashed system that turned into a new build because the guy got an iPod for Xmas, and his old system wouldn’t run iTunes

Plus I spent half the day trying to gt a pair of 200GB drives formatted. Ugh!

Still,better to be busy, and I enjoy the work. Except for dealing with blown-up Windoze installs, anyway. It amazes me the crap that people will install on their machines thinking it will be useful. That last Dell had so many toolbars on IE that there was almost no room for content when you finally got to a page. (Not to mention the 15 or so programs running in the systray…)