July 2004


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Well, that was a surprise

There’s been alot of updates coming out lately for Linux users, and SuSE has been really good about keeping up with everything. Their YOU program (Yast On-line Update) checks a local mirror for updates and lets you know when one is due, or it can be configured to do everything on it’s own.

Saturday night, I ran into a problem. A new update was indicated – a kernel update to handle some security issues. Everything looked to be fine, and I rebooted as instructed. Only it never came back. What I got instead was “waiting for device /dev/302…not found.” At which point it locked up. Same thing in the ‘failsafe’ boot option.

Not good, sez I.

So, being the smart monkey I am, I did the magic heart transplant and swapped in my Windows drive, booted up and went straight to the SuSE channel on Freenode.irc, only to find that nobody there had ever seen that error, and their updates went just fine. Google-ing came up with nothing either. As a last hope, I downloaded the SuSE 9.1 Personal iso, hoping that I could do a repair and salvage the install.

Well, no repair option, and two attempts to install failed, one at the end and the second at the beginning. To hell with that, sez I. So, back into Windows, fire up an ftp client, and suck down the iso’s for Slackware 10. I’d been meaning to try it anyway…

Install went smoothly, even though I got a little turned around at one point in the installer. I had to ask Greyduck a couple of quick questions about which files to edit, but otherwise no serious problems. Now all I have to do is figure out how to get the ATI drivers installed. Again. Man, I’m getting tired of that particular fight…

Total damage? Not much – back up your back-ups, knowwhatImean?

One reply to “Well, that was a surprise”

  1. Patrick Says:

    Hi there,

    I ran into the same problem and got no result so far. Only thing to do is pressing CTRL-D after the message appears during the boot process.