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The past is ahead again

Posted in Geekery on July 3rd, 2004

As a cable guy, I’ve seen some pretty odd arrangements in apartments. Most people don’t realize this, but most of the apartment towers downtown were constructed before cable tv was invented, so they had to retrofit it into those buildings in any way they could.

In most of them, it was a simple matter of running the cable down an elevator shaft and branching off at each floor. Others were forced to bring it up in a column through each apartment from the basement all the way to the penthouse. Many have their cable outlets in starnge places – not out of choice, but out of necessity. There’s only so much you can do with concrete construction.

One of these buildings can come slightly back into fashion now. You see, the only place they could get a cable outlet was in the kitchen, roughly behind the refridgerator. Well, LG Electronics has the perfect solution for them now: a ‘fridge with a built-in LCD TV. This device serves mainly as the display for the built-in internet capability of the unit, but you can hook a DVD player up to it and watch movies instead of streaming something from the cooking channel.

The device hosts a slew of other functions as well. It has a photo album, capable of storing images downloaded from your digital camera. I suppose you no longer have to worry about what to do with your child’s lovely fingerpaintings – now you can scan them into the fridge and display them as a screensaver. It can take memos, shopping lists, etc. etc.

Not a bad implementation of tech, but I know how bad I get sucked into the tv when I’m in the living room. Do I really want that to happen while standing next to a hot burner? And what happens when I drop the remote into the stew?