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On the road again

Posted in Life on May 30th, 2004

Well, I’ve gone over the hill and through the woods to Grandma’s house for the weekend, and I’m typing this on the computer I put together for her out of spare parts I had lying around the Den. She had a PII-MMX 233, and we’ve just installed my old eMachine eTower 500 Celeron. Which runs better than twice as fast as the poor old dinosaur we’ve just retired (after gutting it for the video card, a 32Mb nVidia PCI card.)

Aside from a small memory issue with her dialup, (IE, we forgot the settings) everything has gone quite smoothly, and she is quite happy with it. Happy Mother’s Day, Ma!

My brother John is home on leave from the Marines for a week, and he showed up for dinner before running off with his friends. He looks good, and we’re all damn proud of him for taking the huge leap of joining the military.

Unfortunately, his unit will be shipping out for Iraq when he gets off leave to releive another unit who is coming home. He was talking about the Rules Of Engagement our troops have to follow over there, and it’s scary. Each family in Iraq is allowed to have an AK-47. Now, as an American, I’m all for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms we were granted in the Constitution, but an assault rifle is a bit much, ya know? If they see an Iraqi walking down the street with an RPG (that’s Rocket-Propelled Grenade, not D&D) they can’t fire on them until that person shoulders the weapon – the theory here is that they may be taking it to the military to turn it over.

I just hope nobody does something stupid. Like leave Dubya in office long enough to keep my brother there long enough to get killed. We need to end this ‘war’.