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A nibble on the line

Posted in Work on May 23rd, 2004

A week or so ago the EMC sent me a link on a job, and they have contacted me today. The job is telephone tech support, in a work-from-home environment.

The payscale is both higher and lower than my previous job. The hourly rate is higher, but it pays by billable hours, not straight hours. So, I have to have someone on the phone for a total of 60 minutes to earn an hour’s wages, and I do not get paid for doing research to solve a customer’s problem – the policy is to hang up, do the research, then call the customer back (the company provides calling cards at no charge for this purpose).

A highly ethical way to do it, but it means it is almost impossible to earn 8 hour’s work in 8 hours. Then there’s the time I sit around waiting for a call to come in as well.

The upshot is, a customer calling in to this company for help will actually receive it, as opposed to all of those sub-contracted call centers who are instructed not in solving problems, but in getting you off the phone as quickly as possible.

There is one more reason to get a better job as quickly as possible: the hours. The company has three 8-hour shifts. These are 6am to 2pm, 2pm to 10pm, and 10pm to 6am. Due to my daughter’s school schedule, it means I would be bouncing back-and-forth between the early shift and the swing shift. (No way am I working graveyard.)

All of this is still dependant on the results of my phone interview of course, but I’ve always said, I’ve gotten every job I ever interviewed for.