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More car maintenance

Posted in Life on May 15th, 2010

Had a bit of a worry today – Pookie and I had been out running around avoiding the bridal shower The WBGF was throwing for a friend of ours, and I figured it was time for an oil change. I pull up to the bay, and right then steam starts pouring out from under the hood. Pop the hood up, and sure enough, somebody has sprung a leak in the coolant-return hose.

Yes, little miss Golightly, I’m talking about you.

So, borrow some duct tape from the boys in the bay, and off down the road to the nearest parts store – which has recently been bought out by another company. Lo and behold, guess who doesn’t stock the hose I need, and can’t remember if they even sell duct tape (I wanted a new roll) or know where it would be in the store. We’re outta there!

Out in the car, I call over to the Autozone on Cully, and the lady on the other end says she has the hose in stock. Trusting to the many wonderous powers of duct tape, I wheel it for that store and hope. Arriving, the lady spends about fifteen minutes dilligently searching, but is unable to find the hose we need in the stacks – apparently they are changing their inventory system around, and currently the hoses are in some disarray.

Knowing I will need to get a hose on Holly before Monday, I go out to the car and take a picture of the hose in question, and tell the clerks to wing it – just find something basically like this, and I’ll make it work from there. They do, and I buy a few other things to go with – like brake pads. We’ve started squeaking in the past few days, and I figure since I’m already here… turns out one of the guys behind the counter used to work in a Kia dealership shop, and got me just the right parts, saving me about $20 in the bargain.

I guess I know what I’m doing next Saturday.