March 2010


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Catching up

So, been pretty busy with life lately, and my writing has fallen by the wayside. My apologies, etc., etcetera.

I may have mentioned this before, but the general consensus is that our SCA family is going to sit this year out as far as events go. The last few years we have been going to the Pirate events, of which one has gone away to be replaced by a new event on the same weekend, and we’re just tired of the other one. This all means that we would have to pick new events from the actual SCA calendar to go to, and we’re not really happy with those choices either.

Plus the fact that over half the family has spent most of 2009 unemployed, and you can see where this is all heading.

Fortunately for myself and Da Roomie, business has been mostly quite busy – unfortunately, this super-busyness has led almost directly to the loss of an important client. It’s a long story, but the gyst is we weren’t paying enough attention. Then there was the client that hired us, bought a ton of hardware and spent some 50 or 60 hours of labor, and then went completely belly-up. Yee-haw, that was fun.

In the same vein but with a different vector, we lost one more client today because the owner opted to go for a ‘merger’ with another company, that has resulted in the next best thing to ‘they got bought’. The ‘buyer’, of course, has their own IT setup and doesn’t want to deal with us.

This one is a bummer, because the client is the first one I brought in. They called us one day because their server went tits-up, and I came in and sold them not only a new server, but the management package as well. The folks in the office have always been great to work with, and they’ve been very good about not breaking things – almost a perfect client, really :) I’m going to miss them.

Okay, that’s enough moping. Onward!

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