July 2009


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Movie Eviscerations

Two Saturdays ago I wore my Transformers T-shirt when Pookie and I went out-n-about running errands and grabbing lunch. Just about everyone who seriously looked at the shirt recognized it, and had something to say about the new movie, whether they were looking forward to seeing it or had already been and enjoyed it. This worried me, as I had already heard some pretty worrisome things about the new movie.

What really worried me was the realization after lunch that the more effusive the excitement about the movie, the more obviously unintelligent the speaker. For instance, the guy at the video store was saying how one of his co-workers (a big fan of the franchise) was looking forward to the movie. Being an avid movie-man himself, he wasn’t about to talk down any movie that would possibly earn him dividends later on. The checkout girl at the stop-n-rob, however, praised the movie high and low through her missing front teeth. (At least, I think she was praising the movie – she was using words out of context. Badly.)

My friends and other folks who I deem to be high on the thinking chain, however, were all uniformly against the second installment as a “waste of valuable resources, and time you cannot get back.” This guy does a great “review”.

Plot holes you could drive the Titanic through, dis-continuity problems, terrible writing and you get tea-bagged by a robot.

Yeah, I’ll be skipping this one.

One reply to “Movie Eviscerations”

  1. Beth Says:

    OMFG! That review was hysterical, thanks for pointing to it. I knew I didn’t want to see that movie, now I know exactly why.