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Yet more ex-smoker trivia

Posted in Life on February 4th, 2009

I know, I know, there’s only so much of this crap you can read. I’m almost through this.

(Over a month now since I stopped smoking, and almost a week since I stopped nicotine patches…)

Anyhow, I did most of my blogging (both the reading and the writing) from my desk down in the garage where I could smoke. Now that I don’t smoke, not only am I not down there, I’m also not using the laptop very much, and that was the blogging tool, so I’ve been falling behind on everything. So, some updates:

My health: I’m getting fatter, and find myself eating for no reason. This sucks.

Windows 7 Beta: still using it, still okay with it.

D&D: running Da Boys through the Scales of War campaign, currently about halfway through Rescue at Rivenroar and I haven’t killed them yet. I’m proud of this part, they didn’t bring a Cleric with them. They opted for “do lots of damage fast” instead of sitting there and taking it.

Leatherwork: finished the bracers for J and D’s X-mas gifts, need to post some pretty pictures.

And… that’s about it. Oh – Tolerant is still (and even more so) the World’s Best Girlfriend.