December 2008


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Day one.

Posted in Life on December 30th, 2008

I smoked a cigarette at 6:20 this morning, and I haven’t had one since. I put the patch on at 7:10am.

I had some second-hand smoke while waiting for my dinner to cook. I went to a local Chinese restaraunt for takeout – hadn’t been to this one before, and I thought trying something new and treating myself a little for not smoking all day would be a good thing. Good and bad, actually – good to treat myself, bad for going to that restaraunt. The lemon chicken was barely edible. Anyway, the waiting area is pretty close to the Lotto section where some ancient Asian man was smoking away while plugging quarters into a poker machine.

They have non-smoking areas in the casinos in ‘Vegas. Only tourists go there. The locals all smoke.

There has been a sense of anxiety for me all day today – like I was forgetting something important and couldn’t figure out what it was. Only I knew what it was, of course. That empty spot in my jacket pocket.

So the patch seems to be dealing with the physical withdrawl symptoms, at least so far, but the psychologocal symptoms are something else entirely.

Tough times for me to get past:
First thing in the morning.
In the car on the way to work.
After work, or after completing any extended task.
Just before bed.

I can do this.