November 2008


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Writer’s block

I’ve really been trying to come up with post-able goodness lately, but I’m drawing a blank. Instead of just letting my two loyal readers languish in the darkness of my absence, I will link up some cheerful demotivators for you…

Putting the nail in the lid of the Pirate v. Ninja debate:
Ninjas - They’re Everywhere Demotivational Poster
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Pirates - When Was The Last Time You Saw A Ninja With Wenches? Demotivational Poster

Be very careful when choosing a tattoo artist..
Epic Failure - And That Shit Is Permanent Demotivational Poster
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Umm… yeah….
Flexibility - It Is Almost Never, Ever Over-Rated Demotivational Poster
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Ph34r teh cute 0n3s…
Little Asian Girl - She’ll Fuck Your Shit Up Demotivational Poster
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The pinnacle of pretentiousness:
Sometimes - Words Can’t Make A Picture Funnier Demotivational Poster
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A note for the guys down the street:
Big Ass Wheels - It’s Like Masturbating in Public… Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Mean You Should Demotivational Poster
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Always be prepared.
Precaution - Because You Never Know When They Will Come Demotivational Poster
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Everybody outta the water!
Flying Sharks - That’s It, We’re Fucked. Demotivational Poster
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And this explains some of the user-posted crap I have seen tonight.
What Has Been Seen - Cannot Be Un-Seen Demotivational Poster

One reply to “Writer’s block”

  1. GreyDuck Says:

    That does it. The Pirates one really is the final word on the subject.

    (What’s really funny? You don’t yet know what my big December posting project involves, but it’s not 100% dissimilar from something like this…)