April 2007


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Knock this shit off already

I am getting REALLY fucking tired of the anti-gun fuckwads getting up in everybody’s faces and blaming guns for violence.

Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. Take away the guns and they will use whatever else comes to hand. A baseball bat is just as deadly.

I’m also tired of people pointing to Jolly Olde England and saying “See? They don’t have any guns! Why can’t we be like them?”

Here’s something for you: guns haven’t always been illegal in the UK. When they did ban handguns in the late 90’s (due to a primary school shooting in which 16 were slain), it didn’t help – handgun-related crimes actually went UP 40% in the next two years.

Australia has run into the same exact problem: they took the legal guns away, but the criminals kept theirs. People can no longer defend themselves, and are proving to be easier targets.

The problem here is that society has gotten to a point where personal responsibility for our own actions is not enforced. With the massive number of people around us, it’s too easy to find a scapegoat for our own actions. “Daddy didn’t love me enough” or “they didn’t make it hard enough for me to get a gun”…


YOU pulled the gun, YOU took aim and YOU pulled the fucking trigger.

Everyone has choices in this life, and each individual is responsible for those actions.

If you want to ban something to save the children, BAN STUPIDITY. Base stupidity has probably killed more people than any other cause in the history of Man. Require prospective parents to pass an IQ and general knowledge exam before being allowed to reproduce. Require them to have gainful employment and $20,000 in savings to cover the hospital expenses.

If you give a standard teenager a car, they will more than likely treat it poorly. If they have to work their asses off to buy that same car, they will more than likely treat it with respect and take care of it. If you required the same sort of work to become a parent, chances are that they would put more effort into raising that child, and do a better job of it, leading to a better world in the long run.

You want fewer violent acts in your world? Be a better person and help others to be a better person. Stop looking for someone to blame. Or if you really want to look for someone else to lay the blame on, start with a mirror.

End Rant.

One reply to “Knock this shit off already”

  1. Thom Says:

    Hey f*ckwad

    Next time you go cherry-picking for stats to back up an opinion, at least make them contemporary. It’s not 2001. And a side by side of gun violence in totality in the U.S. and UK might round things out a bit. An increase, for example, of 1 to 2 per capita would mean little against say a drop of 4,000 to 3,999. Understand?

    You like guns and you think they should be legal. That’s your position and you deserve it. I like guns, don’t shoot like I did when I was younger, but I always liked it. The question is: Would a sigificant drop in deaths by gun in the U.S. be a worthwhile trade for more restricive gun laws? If it’s reasonably showable, I’d say yes. People who have experienced gun violence in their family or among friends overwhelmingly do. They deserve that say, without derision.