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WTF do you mean “Dear John”?

Posted in Work on March 16th, 2007

We got dumped today.

By E-Mail

One of our clients (the first one I signed up in fact) sent us an actual Dear John email to say they were canceling their contract at the end of the month. Completely out of the blue.

Yes, there had been a little friction lately, based around their backups. This friction comes from them not having a workable hardware setup and refusing to take my advice and spend $1000 for a freaking Terabyte of backup storage space. No, they want to keep using their 35GB Rev drive since they just bought it early last year.

Back when their IT staff was one guy, who was barely available. But that is another story.

This story has the CEO telling us that they will be going with another management solution. Now that I’ve thought about a couple of things, I get the feeling that the CEO is bringing his son in to replace us. So I’m feeling a little used today.

Well, good luck to Sonny Boy, because he gets two problems bang out of the gate: first, their backup still sucks, and the software they were using with our service goes away when we do. So does their off-site backup solution.

Second, their email database is running just shy of full and Daddy is the worst offender, with an inbox approaching a GB in size. I have tried convincing them to archive, but no such luck. That db is going to have to be expanded, which means it will have to be moved first, because the partition was cut too small to expand it.

And there’s the whole bit where they won’t take honest advice.

So, good luck to whoever – he’s gonna need it.