February 2007


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Could I get that in singles? I wanna roll around in it.

Well, the tax man came a-knockin’ last week, and Da Roomie and I managed to get a loop of rope around his ankles when he wasn’t looking. A short time later, we had managed to shake a nice stack of quarters out of his pockets, so there is playtime and toys in the future.

And, of course, my car payment. The bank FINALLY sent me the information about where that payment is to be sent – I was getting worried. Of course, I still haven’t got the registration paperwork from the DMV.

On the toy side of things, it’s time for Tolerant to get a new computer. I’ve finally talked her into getting DSL, so she should probably have a machine that can make better use of it. As for the rest, I’m torn between a new flat-panel to replace the gargantuan CRT on my desk and possibly going SLI on this rig, or some other combination of upgrades. It isn’t really needed yet, but I keep thinking about it. I had planned on building a new computer outright next year, I should probably just wait.

I suppose the real hard part is going to be picking up Tolerant’s new gear and not getting stuff for mine too…

One reply to “Could I get that in singles? I wanna roll around in it.”

  1. GreyDuck Says:

    Man, I’ve got a trip to Fry’s in my very near future for stuff I actually have planned to buy. Making it out of there without twice as much kit? You KNOW that’s gonna be tough!