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Ahh, traditions

Posted in Life on December 27th, 2006

As in, The Traditional After-Action / “What I got for Christmas” post.

Yes, there was loot to be had at Chez Wolfe this year, and the best kind it was.

Hand-made art from my daughter, complete with fingerprints, and the sight of her forsaking all of her other loot to play with the things I gave her. Not to mention a pair of movie tix so I can take Tolerant out to the show. (Anything playing Friday?)

Xmas morning with Ratboy – after I nearly beat him to get it ;) (It may not sound like much, but he assures me he gave up something near and dear to him to be there. You don’t need to know.)

Gamage from the Roomie and his lady in the form of our own personal cardboard-crack: “Super Munchkin” from Steve Jackson Games.

Phone calls from those far away – but me little brudder still owes me a call. He is understandably distracted at the moment though.

Saving the best for last (because she is the best): the “Ultimate Edition” DVD of Stargate because I am such a fanboy, clothing so I look my best (new work-type shirts), clothing to speak my mind with (a snarky T), a blanket to keep me warm (mmmm…chenille), and a most excellent new electric razor so she doesn’t have to nibble on a stubbly neck. (It’s only half as loud as its predecessor, so Ratty likes it too.)

I got love from my peeps, that’s what I got :)