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Wow – long time no postee

Posted in Life on August 20th, 2006

Sorry about the hiatus folks, it’s been busy. I’ll break things down for you.

At home:
Everybody is doing pretty good. N:tNG left Thursday to catch up with B, so they are both now out of Oregon. We’re taking care of the last few things for them, and taking some of their unwanted furniture off their hands as well.

I will be handling the sale of the Toyota that B left behind. At this point, it looks like the Ratboy is wanting to buy it. Of course, that means the boy wants to get his driver’s license right now and it’s hard to slow him down and take one step at a time. The $200-a-month insurance quote he got may help.

For me, having B’s car available suddenly came in handy. I managed to hit a curb at just the right angle in the Beastie to blow the right-front tire, and the spare developed a leak by the end of the day. Of course, this all happened 4 days shy of payday, so I wasn’t able to replace the tire right away. Grrr.

At work:
I have lost a few hours of work due to lack of incoming appointments – not enough work in the shop to justify payroll, so we get sent home. What do I do on those days? Submit resumes. Things have been going pretty well – there are three actual jobs out there that I am qualified for. I have had three interviews split among two of the companies, and have two more interviews scheduled for next Tuesday. (2nd interview with company 1, first interview with company 3). Pretty cool!

Company 1: Smaller, but experiencing rapid growth. Position is mostly in-shop, and I can probably write my own ticket as the Lead for their Managed Services. Shop is in Hillsboro, and will be moving even farther West soon. (Yuck!)

Company 2: Older and larger than Co #1, the position is mostly on-site. Not really sure where they are going with things – they are being a little cagey until they unleash their new marketing campaign. Office is located at 217 / I-5 junction and not going anywhere.

Company 3: Young, but growing good, and I have an insider in my corner. Mostly on-site as far as I know. Again, located in Hillsboro, but probably not moving for a while yet. Biggest downside to this company is their once-a-month payroll cycle will mean some serious changes to my budget system.

All-in-all, things are looking up. Here’s hoping!

Thank DOC! Phase I complete for Chinese AIDS vaccine

Posted in Life on August 20th, 2006

Check the full story here.

The first phase of clinical trials indicates China’s first AIDS vaccine is safe and possibly effective, government officials announced at the press conference after a two-month-odd assessment.

“Forty-nine healthy people who received the injection showed no severe adverse reactions after 180 days, proving the vaccine was safe,” said Zhang Wei, head of the pharmaceutical registration department of the SFDA.

“The recipients appeared immune to the HIV-1 virus 15 days after the injection, indicating the vaccine worked well in stimulating the body’s immunity,” he told the press conference.

The results mark the end of the first phase of the clinical trials of the AIDS vaccine, which focused on the vaccine’s safety.

Now that is science worth funding.