May 2006


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Once more into the breach!

Going to The Pirate Gathering this weekend, and in fine Oregon tradition, the forecast for Memorial Day weekend (which marks the beginning of barbecue season in even slightly more southern climes) looks like shit. More thunderstorms are expected.

The good news is that they may call for rain, but it looks like it won’t be freezing like it was at the last event. I know how to stay dry in An Tir weather (been SCA-ing up here most of my life, after all) but freezing is something you just can’t get used to.

I think I’ll buy a new tarp on the way out of town.

On the other geekery side of things, you may notice the thing at the very bottom of the page where it lists how many spam comments have been killed by my SpamKarma2 installation here on the blog – over 1500 to date since install. In all of those, I’ve had to manualy moderate maybe a dozen, and sometimes it has caught close to 200 in a two-day stretch!

So, if you are getting hounded by spam comments, check it out.

3 replies to “Once more into the breach!”

  1. GreyDuck Says:

    The ex & kidlets are going camping with their church this weekend as well. You should see their apartment… chock-a-block with stuff labeled Coleman and such.

    Me? I’ll enjoy a nice, quiet weekend at home…

  2. TownGirl Says:

    Looks like it’s going to be a dreary Memorial here too. It will probably be an indoor Memorial Day.

  3. Nena Says:

    Sucks that it rained on you so much! Ufortunatly not really to surprising as the weather has been so far this *summer* I Randomly found your site looking for people who might be attending seadog in Marcola. W00t^_^