May 2006


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All twitterpated and shit

Weekend Recap Time! Actually, this goes back a bit longer than the weekend, but you’ll see why.

Last Saturday, Tolerant went up to the 40-Year Celebration with Illyana, like I told you before. Well, it seems that Monday night, Tolerant got a wee bit too tipsy and was smooching on a gent camped with them – an old friend of the family. Nothing serious happened, but she still called to tell me about it on Tuesday night, feeling a little guilty about things and needing to know what I thought about the situation.

See, we started dating while I was rather seriously involved with another woman in an open relationship. As such, we set the rules for our own relationship to “open”, but never went anywhere with it. Frankly, an SCA event is the only place either one of us could think of where such a situation may crop up, so we made allowances for event flings (and there’s always the possibility of a Gypsy Pigpile to consider *LOL*).

The rule was to call if at all possible, but she had never thought she would be the one calling. I’m still a pretty open-minded guy and I trust her, so I told her just to be careful and check his references. Who wants to go a whole week horny if they don’t have to?

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As it turns out, she went for it and had a decent time. The encounter made us both realize something about how we feel for each other though. Our relationship has gone from friends to lovers to in-love over the last two-plus years, but that was all just a gradual progression. This weekend, it seems we have fallen in love all over again and all at once, and we are now all twitterpated and shit, winking at each other and touching whenever we can. It’s really quite happily disgusting :)

So, how was the rest of the event? Not bad, even if there was a smaller turnout than I expected – lots of open camping space left over. The site looks good on paper, but has a couple of flaws. The first is that it used to be an Army airfield, which means that it has a pretty steady breeze / wind thing going on. The second is that it is high enough in the mountains that even in the middle of May night temperatures were littlerally down to freezing.

There are two really cool things it has going for it though. The first is that the site owners are seriously grooming it for folks like us, and they took the time to plan the site well. Fire extinguishers at every porta-john site, as well as running water. The second is the heated Great Hall, which was in use as a tavern, so we all had someplace warm to party.

Which is exactly what we did Friday night. It took a little longer than I had planned to leave that morning, but I still was on the road Northbound by 10:30, and hit the site right around 1:00. Would have been there sooner, but my tummy insisted I stop for a knosh. Weather was a bit on the chilly side Friday, it seems I caught just the wispy tail-end of the storm that had been harassing Tolerant and the others for the previous week. Once it got dark, though, it went from “chilly” to “frelling cold!” in about ten minutes. The group consensus was to warm our selves up with booze down at the tavern.

We all got a little drunker than expected due to the altitude, but Tolerant and I managed to drink enough water to avoid hangovers and we had a great party. Of course, all that water also meant I woke up about 4 in the morning on the verge of busting a bladder, and nearly froze everything else off on the way to the biffies and back.

Saturday warmed up for us and we had a nice lazy day just bumming around, capped by a relaxing nap. Ahh, Saturdays in the SCA. Late afternoon hit us in the head, though, when the wind picked up again and pulled our kitchen pavillion down. Time for a re-design and some other modifications, it seems.

Saturday night, we backed off on the partying a bit and kept it mellow, just playing some cards at the tavern and turning into bed early – trying to beat the frost actually. Events like this one really make me wish I had a vardo.

A vardo would also really help in the Sunday breaking-camp duties. We didn’t get to pull one of our patented Gypsy disappearing acts this time, what with the wind blowing all our stuff around the past two days, but we still made good time.

As for me, I had a great time this weekend. It’s good to be eventing again. Now I just have to scrape together the cash for the next one on Memorial Day weekend.

2 replies to “All twitterpated and shit”

  1. BtNG Says:

    “Nosh” does not have a ‘k’, but ‘knish’ does, so if you feel you must use a ‘k’ in the sentence, go nosh on a knish.


    Your Yiddish Instrtuctor (just trying to be a mensch)

  2. Graumagus Says:

    “Someplace warm to party”, “Running water” geeez, you SCA folks are wimps! :)