April 2006


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Oh, fuck, it’s a Monday

So here I am, all proud of myself for managing to not only drag my sorry ass out of bed, I even managed to get Pookie to school on time and even had a couple minutes to swing by the 7-11 and grab a morning gnosh on the way in.

I get to work about 5 minutes to 9, and the door is locked still – no surprise, Ed (the guy who nominally manages the westside shop) is rarely there before 8:58. Then our Accountant Lady (I like her, so she’ll remain nameless here lol) rolls up to open, saying she can’t reach Ed. No real shock again, since he took half of last week off for personal biz that seemed to be getting him nowhere except sunk in a vast see of lost paperwork.

5 minutes later, Bossman calls to say that Ed not only quit, he got the hell outta dodge and is halfway to Florida.

Now, I can’t say as I’m surprised that he quit, but I was a little taken aback by him leaving town so quickly. The last time I left town, I gave my boss a month’s notice. Then again, I liked my job and wasn’t working for a man I would call a tweaker if I didn’t know he was clean.

Well, not much I can do about it except motor on, eh? So that’s what I do. Bossman is going through Ed’s remaining bid paperwork and starts asking me questions about our build standards. They were in a bit of a flux as we are going over to SATA, so this was something we needed to work out.

Unfortunately, this is also where my boss’s tendency to be a fucking ferret kicked in. See, for every answer or opinion I had, the new guy had the exact opposite, and Bossman ignored every single thing I said for the entire conversation.

On top of that, the way the new guy was contadicting me just got all over my fucking nerves. I will be the first to admit that I am an opinionated, arrogant asshole, but I at least try to soften it up with humor as much as I can. This new guy is one of those quiet, retiring types who can fit “you’re completely wrong on so many levels” into the word “No.”

Now, I’m sure the new guy has some redeeming qualities somewhwere, and he does know his stuff, but I was on the brink of doing violence to this guy just because of the smug fucking look he was wearing.

I have got to get out of this shop.

2 replies to “Oh, fuck, it’s a Monday”

  1. BtNG Says:

    Come on we talked about this last week. We knew Ed was going to make a run for it, just because he made the “bonus level” run shouldn’t surprise you.

    As for the FNG, what are you going to do, you said it yourself, he has the chops and does actually know what he is talking about. a.) Steal all the knowledge you can, b.) relax, you know he won’t last. You are the only person I know who is laid back enough to keep working where you have for 2 years.

  2. The Cyberwolfe Says:

    Funny thing is, it’s been less than a year-and-a-half…it just seems like longer.

    As for what I can do, I spent a couple hours doing some research to back my position and sent it to my boss last night. This morning, he gave me that “damn, I didn’t know that” look.

    Probably won’t do much, but it made me feel a little better.