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Posted in Life on February 1st, 2006

It’s only Wednesday, isn’t it?

Home: busy busy busy, since Pookie’s stepfather TS is out of town on business. Since the EMC doesn’t drive, Pook has been sleeping here every night due to the closer proximity to her school. (5-minute drive for me, 1 1/2 hour bus trip for EMC)

I hate waiting. I have a big fat check coming from the IRS, and I already have it spent in my head. I want it to be here already! (Of course, there will be an additional two or three days of waiting once the check gets here, because the parts I’m buying are from Internet suppliers…)

Had to replace the Ratboy’s power supply last weekend – thankfully, that and a fan were all that went.

Work: Bossman went on a rant at a couple of meetings about how we aren’t doing enough business and he’s going to have to cut hours to make up the slack. Then he calls me later and tells me I will be the last one on the list to get my hours cut, since I’m the one bringing in money.

Today I sold a $1155 computer; had to revise a bid to a bigger server ($3000 to $5000) that will almost positively sell (and will lead to a couple more PC’s in a couple months), and finished off the notes so Bossman can finish up two more thousand-and-something-$ project bids.

One of the things that keeps me going in this job is the “Hallelujah!” look I got when I popped a floppy disk out of a drive and booted a supposedly “crashed” computer. Next week I’ll see that customer’s “contented peace of mind” look when I install an external storage drive and backup software.

I rock :)