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(singing:) …and I’ll Ramble On…

Posted in Life on September 24th, 2005

I had an interview Friday that I thought went very well – I have the skills that they are looking for, and my history makes me an almost perfect match for the position. I seemed to get along well with the interviewer, and could understand their position and offered a couple quick ideas as to how they could make their business better, in an effort to show what I have to offer them.

It wasn’t until we got down to the brass tacks of the package that I realized they really don’t have much to offer me. It’s a small comapany (only 5 people), I would still be a field tech using my own vehicle, there is no benefit package, and to top it all off, the wage offered is salary only, and works out to a best-case of just a two-dollar raise. Considering that I took a long lunch to go to the interview, I basically paid about $20 bucks to find this out.

To all recruiters and HR management: post the fucking salary specs in the damn ad and save me the trouble. It’s like going through the effort of wooing a beautiful girl only to get her home and find out she was wearing a minimizer and a padded bra.

Today is my daughter Pookie’s 6th birthday, and she opted for a costume party. Hmm…costume for a kid’s party – you can guess that I trotted out the SCA garb and threw on a do-rag for piratical effect. It turned out to be an excellent choice, for as I was wandering the local supermarket in search of craft glue, I ran into me ol’ pal Vlad whom I haven’t seen for almost two years. He may be joining the Game-Night crew.

If you haven’t guessed it, I’m bored and blogging for something to do.

There’s an article in the Wall Street Journal that goes on about how Microsoft had to rally and radically re-design their coding habits to re-write the Longhorn (now Vista) codebase to get an actual functional product. The whole piece touts the innovation and determination of the engineers and administration to get good quality software to the public.

The truth, however, is that they have used a sloppy coding scheme for decades, and with every iteration their software has become more and more bloated than the last. This time, they got a product that would not function, and it finally bit them in the ass. The whole article sounds like it was commissioned by Gates to offer a plausible excuse to the world for the delays in the Longhorn project.

Makes me wonder who else the WSJ could be taking bribes from.