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Ahh, the weekend…

Posted in Life on July 2nd, 2005

So, what does your friendly, furry, neighborhood techie-from-hell do on a Saturday? Does he rest easy? Does he lounge about chez Wolfe in a bathrobe? Nope.

He cleans.

Today we tackled the apartment en masse and got a number of things accomplished:

A trip to the Shack netted us the speaker wire needed to finally connect the rear speakers to the living-room media center. After which an hour so so was spent in trying to find the perfect movie scene to test said rear speakers. Considering the number of ‘caper’ flicks in my library, there were copious car-chase scenes to decide between.

Serious hoovering. The kind where you spend 20 minutes getting all the hair out of the hoover prior to using it to make sure you get all the crap out.

Floors have been scrubbed, as have toilets. Eww.

All of the above was also made possible by a trip to the store for supplies.

Why the veritable storm of sudsing? In preparation for the Great Annual Show-Up-If-You-Feel-Like-It Independence Day BBQ, of course.

That’s right, folks, hot dogs, hamburgers, chips dips chains and whips this Monday, including movies for your entertainment. If you want something that isn’t in the above list, bring it yerself. See you here around 2:00.