April 2005


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Just to irritate Grau…

Grau made a mistake earlier tonight, and I’m in just the sort of mood to pounce on it :)

Here are my cats:

Zoe The Monster, a fine lady, even though she is the primary fur-monger in the house…

…and Trouble Underfoot, the cat Ratboy claimed when I got him home. Turned out to be a good fit.

Trouble is in feline teenager-dom currently, and often tears around the house at speeds approaching Warp 2 just because he can. Or maybe he’s trying to run away from his tail, I haven’t quite figured that out yet. (His tail does seem a bit long for him.) “Underfoot” was simply too appropriate a surname to pass up, since that’s where he tends to be. Especially when I’m cooking. His truly favorite thing to do though, is push his nose into your face at 5am to wake you up.

Zoe, on the other hand, has been with us for almost ten years now, and is quite the laid-back kitty. She definitiely did not appreciate being stuck in a carrier for two days while we drove up from ‘Vegas – kitty qualudes didn’t seem to help much. She has developed a splendid “long suffering” look she brings out whenever Trouble is on a rampage and does her best to hide on a windowsill. If she were a bit smarter, she’d realize that she’s the EXACT same color as the couch, and could hide there indefinitely by just curling up and closing her eyes.

Zoe’s surname came about because as a kitten, she often looked like something Henson would have put together – way too much fur for a kitten to deal with. Once she entered adolescence herself, she lived up to the name by ravaging all the cat toys in the house mercilessly and chasing a laser-pointer-dot so far up walls she would almost do a backflip.

If you haven’t noticed, I have recently upgraded myself to a camera phone, and these are some of the first pictures I have taken with it. The resolution isn’t horrible, and it has a decent zoom feature but no flash. It also takes videos which more resemble screwed-up stop-motion animation – there’s a hiccup every second or so in the playback. For adding photos to the caller-ID display it works just fine. For my privacy-minded friends, fear not: the phone makes a “shutter” sound every time it snaps, so you’ll know when I’ve tried to steal your soul :)

5 replies to “Just to irritate Grau…”

  1. GreyDuck Says:

    Caption time!

    Zoe: “You’re going to post this on the Internet, aren’t you? *sigh*”

    Trouble: “You’re almost done with that shiny new toy, right? Right? I’ve got dibs!”

  2. Kylanath Says:

    Aaack. A pic of Zoe where she can be clearly seen. Most of what I have of her have this giant black blob with eyes.

    Okay, so Trouble had to have been replaced with a more mellow twin when I saw him last. I kept doing a double take on the mellow attention-whoring kitty that looked like Trouble, but wasn’t tearing through the place at Mach-9 and was instead ensconsed in my lap.

  3. The Cyberwolfe Says:

    Those eyes are the only thing keeping us from getting our asses bit from sitting on her when she’s one with the couch. You notice I had to catch her doing her “loaf on the wall” bit in bright light to get enough contrast.

  4. Graumagus Says:


    But it’s still not as bad as blogging about American Idol… :)

  5. The Cyberwolfe Says:

    So, there I was watchin AI when that one guy started singing…