March 2005


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The Wish List

Graumagus over at Frizzen Sparks says:

On your blog (or in my comments if you are blogless) pick five really expensive toys you’d like to have that you really have no legitimate reason to get (other than the most legitimate of all reasons, that being that you just want it!)
Remember: Money is no object. My only rule is that it has to be something you could actually buy (or have built for you) legally. No “I’d have my own F-22!” stuff.

Well, here’s my Top Five of Toys I Have No Business Having:

1) An AV-4.
Okay, this hasn’t actually been built yet, but I could probably manage it. Take one large van or bread truck, then bolt the engines from a Harrier jump jet on it. Why? Because I keep getting sent into Beaverton, a land where they have no respect whatsoever for the ideas of decent road planning and traffic control. Sure, it will have all the aerodynamic properties of a brick, but with that kind of thrust-to-weight ratio, who cares? Just remember to strap in before you hit the Big Red Button.

Hey, if Burt can build SpaceShip One, I can build this.

2) Alienware Area 51m 7700 with all the options cranked to maximum: 3GHz P4 proc, 2 gigs of RAM, Creative laptop audio, dual-layer DVD+RW, extra battery, wireless logitech joystick, bells, whistles, and a kitchen sink logo. Somewhere around $4300 as configured.

Yes, boys and girls, I am a geek.

3) Ok, so the AV-4 is going to be difficult to get around in – I’d better get something with wheels to go with it. The car would be custom-made to my specs, based on a Viper rolling chassis and drivetrain, but built to seat 4 comfortably for distances. Black, of course.

4) The Weapopns of Destruction category: a pair of Sig-Sauer P226 9mm automatics. The Barrett .50 Grau listed is nice, but I like to be a little more up-close and personal than he does. Besides, you can’t carry that BMG around, and I can’t see anything at that kind of range.

5) The Weapons of Annoyance category: I’ll steal from Grau and list the paintball rotary cannon – and then strap it to the car’s trunk :)

Go ahead and tailgate me while flashing your DOC-damned ultra-halogen brights in my mirror, you SUV-driving ass-hat. I dare ya.

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