October 2004


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Soundtrack of a Life

Frizzen Sparks brought up the idea this time ’round, so we’ll bame him.

What 15 or so songs would you put on the soundtrack of your life? Most of the responses he’s had are just the top 15 or so songs for the individual; I’ll try to put them into context of what scene they should be played in. Some of these can’t really be narrowed down to one song or even one artist, but I’ll try to be brief. (Yeah, right.)

Read on, MacDuff

  • Kicking some ass: The Imperial March – Star Wars soundtrack Like there was any other choice…
  • The love scene: Nights In White Satin – The Moody Blues and most of the rest of that album, actually…
  • Hangin’ with the gang: Lakeside Park – Rush or Have a Drink on Me – AC/DC, depending on the mood.
  • The career plotline: Working Man – Rush Because, well, I’m a borderline workaholic. I expend more energy looking for work than several people I know while they are actually working.
  • Driving waaay too fast: I have an entire CD worth of stuff for this, but primarily One Love – Prodigy with Powertrip – Monster Magnet as a close second.
  • The horrible relationship, just before it ends: Ball and Chain – Social Distortion followed by Hole’s Violet when it does end.
  • Career, Part II: the business trip: Inside Out – Eve 6 I spent Jan – April of 1998 in-and-out of albuquerque NM, and this song was all over the airwaves the whole time. I can’t hear the song without thinking of that town and the people I met there.
  • Dark anger / borderline madness: Travels in Nihlon – XTC This song appears for no explainable reason at the end of the Black Sea album, an hour’s worth of Brit Pop, and is one of the darkest songs I know. It has an exceptionally simple, yet driving baseline that gives me a scary rip-your-arms-off-and-beat-you-with-the-bloody-stumps kind of energy. If I’m being the quiet guy in the corner and listening to this song, hide my katana and leave, quietly.
  • Damn, I’m in a Good Mood!: 80’s Pop of just about any stripe, but mostly stuff no one remembers. Lots of one-hit wonders and just about all of the Cowboy Bebop soundtracks.
  • Mischief making: Mission: Impossible Theme for obvious reasons.
  • Techie-From-Hell mode: MacGuyver Theme For when I take bits of random kit and turn it into a day-saving plot device.
  • The 10 minutes I spend making an ass of myself in front of a girl I just met and the sparks are flying: I Think I Love You – The Partridge Family a couple of you have seen me do this.
  • Just being a goofball: If I Only Had A Brain – Wizard of Oz Soundtrack. You’ve seen me do this, too. (You can often catch me whistling it.)
  • Feeling nostalgic for the girl that got away: One of These Days – Pink Floyd played very, very loud. Try it.
  • My Funeral: Lots of Irish drinking songs. Finnegan’s Wake in particular.

That should do it for now. What’s your life sound like?

2 replies to “Soundtrack of a Life”

  1. GreyDuck Says:

    Oh, all right. I did mine.

  2. Graumagus Says:

    Finnegan’s wake tis a fine choice! ANother one I like off of my Clancey Bro’s CD.