April 2005


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Nevilles Garden : Junk and Stuff

Posted in Life on April 3rd, 2005

Sometimes, you just feel like staring at stuff. Enter The Incredibly Evil Machine

Only 13 shopping days left!

Posted in Life on April 3rd, 2005

Here’s your friendly reminder for the day – the Ratboy will be turning 17 this month. Advice in the gift arena devolves down to gift certificates at the local game shop, since he got an X-Box for Xmas last year, and wants to expand his game collection. For those wishing to give him something actually useful, he is (of course) wearing through his wardrobe again.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled lack of content.

April Fool’s…

Posted in Life on April 1st, 2005

…and not a joke to be told.

I always get kinda bummed on this day, since I have yet to think up a good joke to pull on someone, and I walk around over-analyzing the funnier of my friends and co-workers, wondering what mischief they’ve been up to. Today, I think Greyduck took the cake with the Voice-Activated Fax Machine.

BtFR had ample chance to pull a big one, since he’s currently out of the country, but he failed to call me from ‘a Turkish prison’. For a guy who’s done stand-up, you wonder why he passed up the chance.

One of the guys in the shop did pull one on the other shop, but it was pretty lame as jokes go. He didn’t even use any mousetraps.

Blurgh. Brain stalled. (A)bort, (R)etry, or (F)ail?
A {enter}