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Northwest Industrial

Location 1: The Phillipino Restaurant
Not the most original of names, but this place is not trying to attract business of the regular type. Portland's finest don't have any evidence yet, but word on the street is that this place is actually the headquarters of the Phillipino Syndicate. If you aren't Philipino, don't even bother going in, they will make you wait forever for service. And if you do actually wait around long enough to get served, I wouldn't eat whatever they bring you without a full chemical analysis. Located on the bottom floor of the Lovejoy Apartments West building, next door to JJ's.

Locatiion 2: JJ's
A lovely little rathole, JJ's is one of the scummiest gay strip clubs in town, but it is rumored to be a front for the Phillipino Syndicate and a good place to score black market goods of a lethal variety. Make sure you bring lots of singles, they won't talk to you until you've stuffed a couple down a g-string or two. Located on the bottom floor of the Lovejoy Apartments West.

Locations 1 and 2: The Lovejoy Apartments
Not the nicest place to live, but...ok, the place is a dump without compare, but it's a place to hole up if ya need it, and nobody asks any questions. Two buildings on the corner of N.W.Lovejoy and 17th St.. On the bottom floor of the West building, you will find two businesses: The Phillipino Restaraunt and a gay strip club called JJ's. Beware the cockroaches, for they have a higher Martial Arts skill than you.

Location 3: Mullikan Medical Center
An average hospital, the Mullikan tends more towards outpatient care, but can handle most anything in a pinch. Resonable rates, and they accept most insurance plans. They report all gunshot and stab wounds to the police, so make sure you have an alibi ready.

Location 4: Aphrodite's Espresso Bar
A local favorite, Aphrodite's is a good place to get your morning caffeine fix and catch up on the gossip from the night before. The local beat cops can count on a free thermos refill anytime.

Location 5: Knight Armored Transport
Portland headquarters for this regional chain of armored cars and trucks. Security at this location is extreme to say the least. The drivers all carry Hvy Pistols or better, as well as an Arasaka autoshot. The complex covers the entire block, and it is the best-lit block in the whole neighborhood. An eight foot chain link fence topped with razor wire surrounds the complex, and there are several cameras mounted in strategic areas as well. All of this seems a bit overboard when you consider that there is no money here, they just transport it from one point to another, usually from business to bank.

The armored vehicles are all tough enough to withstand most readilly available weapons and small explosives, but they pay for that protection in speed. You won't win the race, but you'll get there in one piece.

Location 6: King's Heights
This part of the 'Nob Hill' area has seen better days, but is still in better shape than the industrial district next door. Strictly a residential district, here you will find houses that sometimes date back a hundred years.