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People of Portland

Or, the PDX Rogue's Gallery

   Every city has their Dramatis Personae, and Portland is no different. Here you will find the best and wierdest Portland has to offer, as well as where to find them.
As things progress with the map pages, these characters will be included with their respective area locations. I will probably leave this page up as a central listing.

Click here for the full characters!


A classic Mohican, Slasher has some pretty strange connections into the younger side of the Edgerunner movement. Always knows where his beer is, and can usually score you some cheap drugs, though he doesn't#146;t use himself. Will occasionally deal in used guns. He can usually be found in the Courthouse Plaza during daylight hours either skating or just hanging out.


A professional vagabond, Ziggy does body piercing for a living, along with the occasional theft. He will always know two or three places to lay low for a while.

-Atlanta Rose-

Drag Queen extrordinare, Rose tops out at about 7’2", once you count her heels and hair. You can usually find her at the Silverado on Stark St. One of the best disguise artists in Portland.

-Paula the Red-

An up-and-coming console cowgirl, Paula is quickly earning a name for herself among low-level Edgers. Always has a silly smile on her face, especially when the drek is flying.


Weaponsmith and dealer. He doesn't#146;t deal in sub-guns or assault rifles, but he has been known to score the occasional autoshot. If he doesn't#146;t want to be found, he won't#146;t be.

-Dan Crowley-

A self-proclaimed mage and psychic, Dan claims to be directly descended from Allistair Crowley of 1920’s fame (or infamy, as the case may be). Not bad with a deck of Tarot cards, Dan can sometimes be found at the Omega after midnight. He occasionally has information not found anywhere else.

-Jack Raymond-

Owner of the Nob Hill Bar and Grille, Jack is an all-around nice guy. He runs a good bar, he takes after his kids and friends, and can be counted on for a beer on the house every now and again to lift your spirits after you get out of the hospital.

-Eric Donka-

One of the better techies employed in the back room of Bridgetown Electronics supply, he can be found there at almost any time of night or day. Has a good reputation for quality and prompt service.

-The Fisherman-

An older gentleman that can be found fishing under the Lovejoy bridge every morning. He is unusually knowledgeable about things happening around the waterfront.

-Tommy Ho-

Tommy owns a Chinese market on the outskirts of Chinatown. Occasionally takes "special orders" for some of the more common black market items (grenades, illegal ammo types, etc.).


A low-level netrunner, Skunker can usually be found hanging around the Electronic Café or the Satyracon.

-Jenny 5-0-

A joygirl in the downtown area. She gets some inside information from her clientele- mostly mid-management types.


A low-level fixer, he deals mainly in personnel and information. He can be found by posting a message on a secure BBS. (1d6 hours for reply)

-Officer Jimmy Sanchez-

He stops into the Nob Hill Bar and Grille most week nights around midnight to refill his coffee thermos. Catch him in a good mood and he’ll be more than happy to gossip away a half-hour or so. Jimmy keeps to a strange system of credit as far as favors go- sometimes he’ll offer information to any who ask, sometimes he makes you dig it up.

Notice: all the characters here are fictional, and any resemblance to people alive or dead is purely because I intended it. This means that I had alot of friends when I was in Portland, and I put their memories in here to make it feel a little more like home for me. If this is you, and you don't want to be in here, then write me and I will pull the reference.