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Ship Construction

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Starship Construction - System Descriptions

Computer Systems

A working starship is a very complex machine, requiring many people to ensure it's continued operation. Each of it's discreet systems have their own computer monitoring systems, usually tied into a central computer of some sort. This computer can be simply a means of easily monitoring all of the systems at once, or it could be sophisticated enough to run them by itself (within the limits of it's programming, at any rate.)

For simplicity's sake, I suggest you stick to the rules as laid out in the Netrunner section of the original CP2020 rulebook, starting on page 144 'Designing Data Fortresses'. A standard ship's computer will be a 2-CPU model with three skills built in (the ones marked with an *) and two remaining optional skill - choose from the list in the sidebar.

With this in mind, that standard computer is going to have the following stats:

Astrogation 4, Pilot (Starship) 4, Starship Operations 4 with four 10-MU memories. One of those memories will hold a 5-MU file containing the Astrogation data for the quadrant you bought the computer in.

Computer Skills

*Pilot (Starship)
*Starship Operations
Education & General Knowledge
Library Search
System Knowledge
Heavy Weapons (Starship Gunner)
Diagnose Illness
Operate Heavy Machinery

Pricing Changes

I adjusted the pricing scheme a bit to more resemble current trends. You might think some of these prices a bit inflated, but remember they are running on the equivalent of a mainframe computer, not a desktop.

CPU....5000 ea
Skills.....500 ea
Skill Level.....200/lvl
Astrogation Database.....2500/quadrant