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Ship Construction

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Starship Construction - System Descriptions

Accessory Systems

Artifivial Gravity

Since modern science has still not been able to counter the long-term effects of zero-G on the human body, it is essential to have some means of simulating gracity while in space. On large ships and stations, this can be accomplished by spinning sections of the station and using centripital force to impart rotational gravity. On most starships, however, this becomes impractical. this technology is a spinoff of nullgrav technology.

Artificial Gravity systems come as a standard 1G, but can be adjusted for your own comfort. For stronger systems, increase the price in proportion to the gravity. (I.E., a 2G system would be twice as expensive.)

Acceleration Compensators

The human body being as fragile as it is, these are necessary to keep you and your cargo from being smashed to a pulp by excessive G forces. You can live without them if you keep your accel down and your maneuvers shallow, but small agile craft like starfighters really do need them.

Landing Gear

From simple struts to fully-retractable wheeled driving gear.


No matter where you go, you don't want to do it sitting on a crate for three days, and having someplace to take a leak might be nice...

Luxury Suite - 40 cubic yards of empty space for you to play in. Usualy includes a bedroom, sitting room, private head with real bathtub and possibly a servant's nook. The Ritz-Carlton is space.

First Class - Like the Luxury, only on a smaller scale. A shower instead of bath and no servant's nook, and the rooms are smaller. More like the Hilton.

Bachelor - A single-occupancy room, complete with medium-sized bunk, washstand and maybe a small chair with a flip-down table. Welcome to the Motel-6.

Steerage - A Bachelor with two smaller bunks.

Crew - Four bunks and no chair. With considerate shift planning, only two bunks would be occupied at any time.

Lockerroom, 4-person - Just like at the 'Y'. 4 toilets, 4 shower stalls and 16 half-height storage lockers. also includes a closed-loop filtration system for shower water.

Head - Typical water closet and washstand.

Lounge - Table, 4 chairs, entertainment unit with an optional bar and small fridge.

Galley - Kithcen and modest dining area, seats 4 comfortable. If you need to be able to serve more at one time, buy an additional galley at a 30% discount, and keep going at 4-person increments. (Discount is not cumulative.)

Bridge / Cockpit - Someplace to sit and control your ship. Prices and requirements listed are per person or operating station. A single-seat fighter would only need one station, but a freighter would need Pilot, Copilot, Sensors, Captain's chair, Engineering, and possibly a Tactical for a total of 3 tons, 15 cy and 0.6 MW power. While all of these stations do not have to be physically located in the same area of the ship, it is the traditional design.