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    This area has always been the hub of the city. This is where you will find most of the City's main offices, as well as a good portion of  the Corporate offices. Many of the original structures have been demolished to make way for new construction. Where once you would find a ten-story masonry office building, you will now find a 30 to 40 story steel and glass skyscraper.

    They stop at 40 stories due to the Skyline Preservation Act of 2005. The airspace between 500 to 650 feet is restricted to emergency air traffic, except during   take-off and landing, for which you must gain clearance from TraffiCon. The exception to this rule is, of course, the TraffiCon building itself, which is 50 stories tall.

Location 1: Panorama
        A (shudder) fern bar, occupied by upper-management types from all around Downtown. Think of how much fun you could have with a basket of grenades on a busy night...

Location 2: Satyricon
        A Punk and Chromer fave, this place is for serious hell-raising only. Keep your weapons close to hand and your attitude up, or these choombas will steamroll you before you know what happened. An excellent place to hire drunk, violent talent any night of the week. Also a good place to go if the cops are after you, as this crowd will often go after Portland's Finest with little or no provocation.

Location 3: City Lights
        A retro club, this place is stuck in the late 1920's, offering Swing music and dancing from dusk until dawn. A good place to jump jive and wail.

Location 4: Ash Street Saloon
        A serious drinker's bar, the owners and regulars of this establishment tolerate no crap from anybody. This is where you go to forget about the in/output that broke your heart.

Location 5: Quest
        Quest's popularity has been on the rise among the corpzoner set lately, and the management has been working hard to keep it that way. Customers are discreetly scanned at the door for weapons, and the bouncers will only allow those carrying little to no hardware into the club. This automatically excludes most edgerunners, but they wouldn't be caught dead in the place anyway. Anybody that does start something will be dealt with quickly and severely by the bouncers.

Location 6: Moody's
        An ex-solo, Moody earned his nickname in the field. If he's having an off night, you had better just pay your tab and split before he starts the brawl himself. He's either got a lot of money stashed somewhere or the world's dumbest insurance adjuster, because the place gets rebuilt almost every other month from the fights.

Location 7: Portland's Broadway Theatre
        This should really be called the "Off-Broadway" Theatre, as most of the productions don't even get reviewed in the paper. One director in particular has been making an effort though, and has managed to put together three fairly successful plays in a row now of a very dark and gothic nature.

Location 8: Darcelle XV
        One of Portland's oldest drag houses, Darcelle's is famous far and wide for their show. Only natural talent is allowed on-stage, no biosculpt jobs, and Darcelle gives a physical to each dancer to ensure that only real transvestites go on. Some of the finest disguise artists in the Northwest can be found here.

Location 9: The Meridian
        This place tries to be as trendy as Quest, but falls just a bit short. You can almost feel how hard the patrons are trying to convince themselves that they are the movers and shakers of the office, but nobody really buys it. About once a month, the gang at the Satyricon livens things up by trashing the place.

Location 10: Act III Theaters

Location 11: Central Library