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The Rat grows wings

Posted in Life on August 9th, 2008

It is official: The Ratboy has done flown the coop. He came over this morning to pick up a few last things and clean the room up for his sister to move into. The Pookster and I will be doing a little driving around tomorrow in search of a new bed for her new room, and generally sprucing up the place for a female occupant.

She’s already complaining that she doesn’t have a tv or computer in there. Sheesh!

Sea Dogs!

Posted in Miscelleny on August 9th, 2008

Just a quick post with a couple of pictures from the last event:

Marten makes a friend

Marten makes a friend

Apparently praying mantis like black with white dots. marten’s little friend perched on his knee for most of 15 minutes.

New candelabra

New candelabra

The new candelabra made by Tolerant’s bro-in-law made its maiden voyage, to much appreciation by all parties. We had a scary moment with it when the wind came up and lifted the tent canvas, allowing the steel plate at the top of the pole to fall out and come crashing down on the candles. Luckily, only one glass candle cup got broken.

Turned out to be a good event, despite the heat and the field burning that nearly smoked us out of the site. (Lebanon, Oregon sucks in the summer. Of course, it probably sucks in the winter too.)