Here’s a quick list of folks you may see referenced on the blog, in no particular order:

The Ratboy – My son, currently in his late 20’s, and following somewhat in my footsteps by being an aspiring geek.

Pookie – My daughter, now a teenager. She has finally developed the mental armor needed to put up with the severe amount of sarcasm found in her life and is turning into an amazing wit.

The World’s Best Girl Friend Best Wife Evar. Apparently working in a library has given her the skills necessary for putting up with my shit. :) Have I mentioned how lucky I am?

B:TfNG – formerly BtFR, as in Former Roomate, now The (former) Neighbor Guy. A computer programmer I met when I lived in Las Vegas, he moved up here just a few months before I did. Is known for doing crazy shit like eating fire during a stand-up routine at Ren Faires.

Greyduck, AKA The Roomie – my former roommate, of several years. Now also my co-worker, he handles our Help Desk (calls and Admin duties). His Geek-Fu is strong.

The Physicist – called thusly due to his ability to bend the laws thereof while playing pool. Staunch member of the Sunday Game-night squad and (apparently) good swing-dancer.

The Maestro – Sunday Gamer, music student, day-care provider, and also known to swing dance.

Trouble and Zoe – my feline masters. Recently added Monkeyface (AKA Missy) – formerly my Mom’s cat, Missy came to live with us after Mom passed. UPDATE: Missy moved on to live with a nice old lady (and no other cats) and is much happier now. Zoe finally passed after 20 years. Wasabi Six-Toes is the kitten in the house. Yes, he’s polydactyl.

Tweaker – resident rodent (passed away 12-11-2005).

The Little Black Beastie – my 1987 Chevy Cavalier RS. Yes, it does count as a cast member. Or at least it did up until I traded it in for a silver Kia Optima in Jan. 2007.

The H.S. Golightly, AKA Holly – the 2004 Kia Optima. Much less likely to be a cast member, but she does have a picture here on the blog.

Sheila – a silver 2009 Subaru Outback that I traded Holly in for back in 2011. My first car was a ‘Bu, and I’ve been trying to get back into one for years, finally found the right deal at the right time. Much better for camping than previous cars. As Jeff Foxworthy said, “If you pull up to a four-way stop, and the other three cars are Subarus, you might be in the Pacific Northwest.”