July 2008


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Back from hiatus

yeah yeah yeah – it’s been like forever, I know.

Recent happenings:

Sea Dog Nights – fun wit’ da Family. A bunch of us trouped down to Lebanon for an almost-SCA event, and fun was had by all. It was also the maiden voyage of our new chandelier, a design that is probably best described as “Martha Stewart meets the Hell’s Angels”. Take three lengths of chain, weld them into concentric circles. Then hang them horizontally with the smallest diameter circle at the top, and hang the next one from that, etc. Now weld some pipe sections horizontally so you can set a votive holder in them. Voila! Gypsy chandelier, courtesy of Tolerant’s brother-in-law.

Work: is work. We’ve been just busy enough to keep me hovering on the edge of qualifying for a bonus. Just 3 more percentage points…

Movies: saw The Dark Knight on Monday, well worth the ticket. Folks have been complaining about the violence in this one, but it boils down to one thing: the Joker is an agent of Chaos, and he’s a sadistic, violent, psychotic sonofabitch. The director was right about that. The plot could have moved a little better, but the acting made it all worth watching. Ledger nailed the role, and someone else is going to have a helluva time living up to that performance if they ever bring the character back.

Tolerant: is still the WBGF.

The Ratboy: is all set to move out for the first time. He and his new roomies (an old friend and her boyfriend) are set to take possession of their new apartment on the 4th. The management just spent a bunch of money refurbing the building, so they’re offering some good deals to load up on tenants to pay for it all.

Computers: just tried to upgrade my laptop to KDE4.1, with limited success. It won’t boot into the new window manager, but it will run some of the new apps under KDE3.5. I just need to dig up the logs and figure out what the problem is – I just don’t have the time or the brainpower to do so right now.

And now it’s off to bed.

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