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The Hell you say!

Posted in Life on April 14th, 2008

Man I made a terrible mistake tonight – I watched some of the news at 10. That’s a sure way to get my blood pressure up.

Some of the top stories:
A man drives into a residential neighborhood late one night, pulls over and tells a girl on the street that he has an emergency and needs to borrow her cell phone. He then grabs her and hauls her into the car, drives off and rapes her. Cops circulate an artist’s rendering, and the picture definitely looks like a black guy. They then describe him as white or hispanic… WTF!?! Were you not looking at the picture? Or was the artist talking to the girl and just drawing whatever he wanted?

Teens at Bridgeport Village Mall harassed another kid earlier this week. Once the kid got free of them, he went to a guard for help. The guard was less than helpful at first, but later at least tried to be useful. The kid calls his folks, and they come to pick him up – only to be attacked by the group of teens? A bunch of girls dog-pile on the mom, and then their boyfriends gang up on the dad when he wades in to help mom out. How the hell do children get the idea that they can get away with this shit? And why wasn’t the dad swinging harder!?

The Human Race is almost run. The vast majority of Americans are too bloody timid by far to stand up for themselves anymore, let alone stand up to their own children, and they’re being ridden over roughshod. That dad should have gone in with both barrels – if he had, chances are those kids would have freaked out when they met real resistance to their animalistic behavior. That girl’s parents should not have been letting her wander the damn streets at 1:30 in the morning.

I don’t care how freaking un-PC is is to say this, but parents: beat your children. And to the Welfare people: Let them! Crap like this didn’t happen on a daily basis back in the 50’s, because if you got caught, chances are whoever caught you would beat your ass, then frog-march you back home where your mom and dad would say “thanks” and then beat you some more.

Pain, my friends, is an excellent teacher. It is the parents’ responsibility to raise the child, not the State’s, and you need to get off your lazy ass and do it yourself. Yes, your children will be pissed when you do it, but they will eventually get the hint that the belt only comes out when they do something stupid and will start to think before they act.

And all of you bystanders out there trying not to be seen? Step up! If you see some kids doing something stupid or dangerous, get their attention and say something. Just shout “HEY!” at the top of your lungs and give them the evil eye – you’ll break their concentration and probably diffuse the situation with nothing else being said. Quit depending on the government to do everything for you and take some responsibility for your life, your own welfare, and your safety.