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The Amazing Disappearing Wolfe

Posted in Life on July 8th, 2007

It’s amazing how getting a non-computer-related hobby will cut into your posting about nothings.

I have been making some pouches with a couple of different closures for practice out of that new leather. It is a little thin for pouches in the long run, but they look good. One goes to the Ratboy because it actually came out pretty good, but the second is more than likely going to be taken apart and used as a template – I got the belt loops in the wrong spot, and it can’t be fixed without leaving visible stitch lines.

I’ve got the skirt and mug frogs down pretty pat at this point. For those of you who don’t know, in the re-enactment world, a frog is anything that allows you to hang something else off of your belt. Originally used for swords and daggers that had scabbards without the means of attachment, we’ve been able to think of any number of things that you want with you but don’t necessarily want to carry in your hand.

A tankard or mug is a perfect example – once you’ve drunk it dry while wandering merchant’s row, where do you put it? Why, you hang it off of your belt via a mug frog. A skirt frog attaches a pair of D-rings to your belt which you can use to hold your skirts out of the mud.

At this point, I normally carry three knives, a belt pouch, a mug and my portable butt-can. Once we get into garb, some of us look like Batman with all the crap we hang off our belts. I want to put on anything else, I may have to make a bandolier.

Last payday, I put in an order for a full side of 2-3 ounce leather for pouch making, as well as some additional tools. I figure I should be able to turn out three or four more pouches easy by the next event, along with a few other items I have been protoyping, like bondage bracelets and forearm bracers.

And don’t look at me like that – if you can buy it at the mall, it ain’t kinky anymore. Hell, these days bondage cuffs are pretty damn vanilla, as evidenced by this.

(Which would be useful for those geeks wishing to re-create the scene where Darth freezes Han in Empire. But I digress.)

And that digression has pretty much derailed my train. Where the hell was I? Nevermind, this is a good place to stop. Talk at ya later.