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Busy busy busy

Posted in Life on June 4th, 2007

So, what with my birthday being last week, I’ve been a little distracted and not posting. There was also lots of work for us to catch up on after having had the long weekend, so what free time I have had has been going to other projects.

The traditional Close-Enough-To-My-Birthday BBQ went off pretty well, and a good time was had in general. Didn’t burn the house down, nobody called the cops, and nobody puked on the carpet. I’d say it was a success – even though nobody RSVP’d. You all suck :)

One of the things I thought about out loud in front of the WBGF was that the cost of leather goods on merchant row at the last event was getting pretty ridiculous. Merchants were asking up to $45 for a simple pouch! Having done leatherwork before, I know it is not terribly difficult, so I thought I might take it up again as a hobby – something I could take with me to do at events to while away those long daylight hours when nothing interesting is going on.

She being the Best, she was of course listening to me ramble on and did something about it by gifting me some leather tools and practice material to help me get back my mad skillz. So, I’ve spent some of my free time over the weekend playing with new toys and remembered more than I thought I would have. The first project was just a simple mug-hanger (a loop of leather that goes around your belt and hooks through your mug’s handle), but it was enough to get me back in the mindset and tell me what tools I need to finish out the workshop.

Since payday isn’t until tomorrow, I spent the rest of my time mentally dis-assembling the rest of my leather accoutrements and making patterns for when I do have the right tools. So far, I have a better mug-hanger (because Tolerant needs one), a pair of basic pouches (these too!) and a new sheath for my right-hand knife (which I have wanted to replace for years).

The trick, however, will be in waiting until I get the rest of those tools before I start any more projects ;)