December 2006


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Rules for a 1-night stand

Overworked and Underf*cked has a great little post from the female perspective of what guys should keep in mind on those occasions they are lucky enough to get taken home by a lady for a loving, caring, 6-hour relationship. Most of these obviously go both ways, but there are, however, some things that us guys would like the lady to think about:

You’re going to have to give us directions. I’m a pretty experienced guy, but women are amazingly unique creatures with wildly differing tastes and triggers. If “ME FIRST!” is the rule, you gotta take the lead and direct the show.

If you don’t know exactly what it takes to make you see God, don’t be mad when he doesn’t either.

Know your cycle. If you’re within 2 days of starting, wait ’til you’re done before you go a-huntin’.

If you have latex allergies, provide your own choice of condoms and quietly point them out at the start of the festivities – by, say, casually opening the bedside drawer as you make for the bed.

If you haven’t done a “pat test” or checked his references, do not freak out / laugh at what you find / don’t find in his trousers. You should have checked.

Don’t falsely advertise! Okay, this is more of an everyday thing, but wouldn’t you feel short-changed if you found a cucumber in his trousers? We feel that way when those melons turn out to be a WunderBra propping up a pair of cherries. If you feel they are too small, go the opposite route and wear a thin top with no bra instead – some guys like ’em tiny, might as well advertise to the right crowd.

Just my tuppence.

2 replies to “Rules for a 1-night stand”

  1. Tolerant Says:

    You stole from me! Arrrgh!

  2. Didikai Witch Says:

    Nice one. Love it. Some great tips there, might use them sometime…If I am ever lucky enough to find a decent gent for loving and leaving.>;0)