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All twitterpated and shit

Posted in Life on May 16th, 2006

Weekend Recap Time! Actually, this goes back a bit longer than the weekend, but you’ll see why.

Last Saturday, Tolerant went up to the 40-Year Celebration with Illyana, like I told you before. Well, it seems that Monday night, Tolerant got a wee bit too tipsy and was smooching on a gent camped with them – an old friend of the family. Nothing serious happened, but she still called to tell me about it on Tuesday night, feeling a little guilty about things and needing to know what I thought about the situation.

See, we started dating while I was rather seriously involved with another woman in an open relationship. As such, we set the rules for our own relationship to “open”, but never went anywhere with it. Frankly, an SCA event is the only place either one of us could think of where such a situation may crop up, so we made allowances for event flings (and there’s always the possibility of a Gypsy Pigpile to consider *LOL*).

The rule was to call if at all possible, but she had never thought she would be the one calling. I’m still a pretty open-minded guy and I trust her, so I told her just to be careful and check his references. Who wants to go a whole week horny if they don’t have to?

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