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Updates and the usual whatnot

Posted in Life on November 27th, 2005

I seem to have been a bit remiss in my postings. Ok, to bring you up to date:

That weekend with the fucktard programmer in Washington was followed by a Monday. That’s all I’ll say about that.

Tuesday was one of those days that starts out bad and gets worse form there. I very nearly got into a fistfight with my boss in a customer’s parking lot because he wanted me to strap a ladder to the roof of my car. Heaven forbid any of us employees balk at the idea of causing physical damage to our vehicles in the name of the Company. How I managed to get through that day without killing someone I don’t know.

Wednesday wasn’t so bad – another wiring gig, but no insulation in the ceiling and all the jack locations had holes pre-cut so it went pretty quickly. This job will get more fun later when I have to dismember the client’s existing phone system and move it to the new office. Finish off Wednesday with a pre-Turkey Day mini feast starring TWBGF and an evening vegging in front of the tv with no arguments, strife or other unpleasantness. Yes, an excellent evening indeed.

Thursday started off wonderful – see Wednesday evening. Finished off Turkey Day at the EMC’s place for copious amounts of excellent grub, good people and general happiness. My former sister-in-law seems to have gotten over whatever ill-will she held for me in the past, which is very cool.

Friday I did as little as possible until I picked my sweetie up from work. This brings us to today, in which I again did as little as possible, and most of what I did do involved playing with my daughter Pookie.

Yep, just a whirlwind of excitement around here. Then again, this is the closest thing I have had to a vacation in over a year, so I’m getting the most I can out of it.