March 2005


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Time for some answers!

The Roomie responded:

A-1: Castle of Cagliostro. It’s a bit dated, but it’s still one of the best caper-flick anime ever made.
A-2: Dawn’s right, the CJ Cherryh book “Foreigner” is pretty damned good.
A-3: You might find VAST interesting, or you might not. Dunno.

B-1: You like caper flicks. What’s the best of ‘em?
B-2: What geek-fu skill do you most wish you could improve?
B-3: What’s your balance between spiritual and worldly?

A caper anime? Gimme! I thumbed through some of your VAST collection already, but haven’t spent any real time with it. I’ll give it another shot.

B1: It’s a close call between two: Ronin and The Usual Suspects
B2: I need to work on my server administration. I’m running into it more often now, and need to know what I’m doing.
B3: Are you kidding? I’m a Gemini – I handle lots of things equally :)

Now for Kylanath’s

A1: Cowboy Bebop Movie.
A2: Foreigner. If that fails, go pick up most anything by Feist, which the Twinlet got me sucked into. And since the Twinlet already mentioned Foreigner, you have to go read it now *smirk*
A3: I’m gonna say most anything by Satriani here.

And onto the questions:

1. What theme ingredient would you use if you were chosen as a chef for a round of Iron Chef?
2. Rainstorms or snowstorms?
3. City living or country living?

Heh – I already have the Cowboy Bebop Movie (and three season’s worth of episodes) on DVD. Just a wee bit of a fanboy am I. I’ll give Foreigner a shot too, since it comes doubly-reccomended. As for the Satriani, I’ll throw Steve Vai back atcha :)

B1: considering my limited repertoire, I’d have to go with beef.
B2: Snowstorms that I’ve been in in the past have had an eerie tranquility to them that can be very restful – plus the possibility of getting a snow day at work :)
B3: CITY! I grew up country, and I will never go back.

Even BtFR chimed in. (We’ll forgive the error)

a1.) Harrison Bergeron – with Sean Astin
a2.) Of Mice and Men – Gary Senise and John Malkovich
a3.) The Incredibles – It really isn’t a “major, ground breaking movie” but DAMN the animation is killer!!

Other Questions:
1.) Would you say that you are happier now or were you happier 10 years ago?
2.) What is the most regretable thing you have (or have not) ever done?
3.) If I buy you a new Futon Mattress for your birthday, will you take it the wrong way :-)

Oops did that wrong, I must read and remember the questions:

1a) A Movie – Still ‘Harrison Bergeron’ with Sean Astin
1b) American Gods by Neil Gaiman (seriously in my top 5 of all time)
1c) Sigur Ros – An Icelandic band, incredo-good

The Incredibles is just that, and I will be buying a copy soon, and I have seen the Sinese version of “Of Mice and Men”. I’ll give Gaiman a shot, but you’ll have to bring that Icelandic band over for me to sample.

B1: I would say more content now, if not happier. Timing is everything though: 10 years ago this month I was a month away from getting married, and the EMC and I were quite deleriously in love (despite living with Andre lol)
B2: There are three women that have eluded me over the years, and I regret chances not taken.
B3: Not at all! I know you better than that.

2 replies to “Time for some answers!”

  1. Kylanath Says:

    Mwaahaahaa, trying to foist Vai off on me… I have a couple of cd’s of his at home, but prefer Satriani over Vai. And that was a damn good concert (Satriani) a few years back. It was the first and last concert that I could sit the entire way through and not worry about people standing in front of me. It was weird… everyone sat in their seats. Wonders never cease…

  2. GreyDuck Says:

    I’ve finally seen Usual Suspects, and… hmm. I think Ronin’s a better movie overall, while Suspects has the awesome twist ending. My problem with awesome twist endings, though, is that it tends to make the movie non-re-watchable for me. It’s the same problem I have with Fight Club. (Okay, it’s not the only problem I have with Fight Club, but you get my drift.)