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Farewell, poor Jack

Posted in Life on October 26th, 2004

Jack-O-Lantern, that is.

I can remember as a child carving pumpkins the week before All Hallow’s and having them last until at least the middle of the next week, but something seems amiss in the patch this year.

Pookie and I murdered a couple big orange gourds last Saturday, and when I went to light them for her today I discovered that hers was soft and growing quite a nice complement of fungus, and mine was getting soft in a couple of places. After only 3 days.

What gives? Has anyone else noticed the decline in pumpkin lifetime? Let me know…


Posted in Geekery, Humor on October 26th, 2004

In continuance of the feline theme started by Kylanath, I offer this:
Allerca | The Hypo-Allergenic Cat

From the Press Release:

The hypoallergenic cats produced by ALLERCA will allow consumers to enjoy the love and companionship of a pet without the cost, inconvenience, risk, and limited effectiveness of current allergy treatments. Clients will take delivery of the first ALLERCA kittens in 2007. The hypoallergenic cat is the first of a planned series of lifestyle pets that ALLERCA will develop over the next few years.

This reminds me of Bean Bag Cats® by Edward Winslow Bryant. The story is written as a series of emails from the R&D Dept. to the Marketing Deptartment, where they discuss the development and marketing of Bean Bag Cats®, a product just like the original model, except without legs. There would of course be a profitable accessory trade, with options such as a velcro strip so you could stick the cat to the arm of the sofa, and of course the Sani-Kat Kits® because there’s no way it could make it to the sandbox.

The story ends with “R&D: So what’s next?”
“MKTG: How do you feel about Modular Dogs®?”