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Tiered Internet – or how can we screw everyone more?

Posted in Life on March 23rd, 2006

So, it looks like the CEO’s of several major Telcos were sitting around one day, wondering how best to squeeze every last cent out of the world when they came up with a great idea: “Hey, we’re already charging our customers 3 times what their service should cost, but I know how to make even more money – we’ll charge the content providers to deliver their data!”

Today, the FCC backed the idea. No surprise there – the gutless twerp Bush put in charge of the FCC has his nose so thoroughly up Big Biz’s sphincter that he won’t be able to see daylight unless BB leans it’s head back to let some up it’s nostrils. This is, after all, the same guy who let AT&T put itself back together – years after the FCC took it apart in the first place.

What’s next? Brown charging the shipper and the ship-to? Better yet, will Wal-Mart start charging the manufacturers for shelf space?

Dear FCC – do you remember when DARPA created the first network, and what they did it for? To ensure communications integrity. A nationwide network that could not be brought to its knees by foreign attack. Sure, it spread to the whole world, and has become a huge medium – better for all of us. Don’t let it be turned into a bunch of privatized networks. Everyone will lose. Bring back the Common Carrier rules as they were written.