May 2005


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I like where my birthday is on the calendar – with it’s proximity to Memorial Day, I have a three-day weekend close enough to throw the party on, and it is the traditional start of the barbecueing season. (of course, it’s not like I need a reason to apply meat to fire…) It was alot cooler when I lived back in Grants Pass though, as they hold a carnival that weekend. What more could a kid ask for on their birthday?

This year’s turnout was a little on the slim side, mostly due to me not sending out invites soon enough. What I lacked in quantity was more than made up for in quality, however. The Roomie and The Physicist are always good company, but The Girlfriend scored major points by providing not only most of the food, but by also gifting me with seriously cool gadgetry: a VHS/DVD player.

This on the surface is cool enough, but reading through the operations manual makes it even cooler. VHS-DVD conversion is almost completely automatic. (The remainder of Greyduck’s MST3K conversion will be simplicity itself.) I can record shows directly to DVD for play in other players (it handles both the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ media) and if I use DVD-RAM disks, it allows the coolest of all: time-shifting of live TV (ala TiVo)!

WooHoo! No more commercials!! The trick here is deciding on whether or not I share with the boys or keep it in my room ;)

Some of the most fun we had though was an impromptu game of Ultimate Frisbee. Five players (ok, 4 and a half with Pookie) and four frisbees, try to keep track of what is flying where. Most surprising is the fact that the shot to the face I took hasn’t left me with a shiner. Lucky for me, us Wolfie-types don’t bruise easily :)

Now to see if I can’t finish off some of those yummy deviled eggs…thanks again, beautiful!

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