Welcome to my new(est) humble home on the Internet.

There have been some recent changes, mainly in the hosting bits, but I cleaned up some old code as well.

This part of the site hasn't really seen any attention since I built it originally, and I doubt that will change. Just not where my energies have been aimed lately.

Since a short bio is often expected on any personal webspace, I have finally caved and posted one here - you can find it under 'Wolfe-y Stuff' off to your left there. Now, in a continuation of my personal paranoia, any names you find listed on this site will be aliases to protect the gui..err, innocent.

To give credit where credit is due, the templates and CSS code for the main site and blog are modified from original code I got from Movable Type when I was designing the blog. Design process was carried out in Quanta Plus, running on SuSE 9.0 Pro.

Recent changes removed the ancient "IE Destroyer" code that is just so much bloat now, and the site has been moved to a new host. Latest changes processed with the help of Notepad++